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Despite the pandemic, travel and road trips are slowly getting back to normal. While driving, a mirror dash camera is one of the best car accessories you can have for your vehicle since they provide security and document everything that's happening on the road, whether it's an accident or just a YouTube-worthy moment.

Besides holding a piece of evidence, a mirror dash camera is also perfect for people who are just learning how to drive or those who simply love to record their road trips with their loved ones. If you're looking for the things to consider before buying one, we've created a buying guide and a list of the best mirror dash cameras that you can buy online.

Mirror dash cameras come with different things to offer. Here are the standard things to consider and some features to look at for mirror dash cameras that can go the extra mile. The first thing you want to look for when buying a mirror dash camera is its recording quality. Top 10 dash cam philippines you just want to record your road trips for other people to watch, you can go for standard quality, pixel resolution.

However, if your mirror dash camera's purpose is to capture incidents and plates clearlygo for a higher quality. It can range from p to p, also known as 4K Ultra HD. These qualities allow you to see clear captures even if you zoom in. Just remember that the higher the resolution, the higher it costs.

If you're aiming for the smoothest video recording, remember to always aim for 60 frames per second or fps. This fps rate will record crystal clear videos without getting pixelated. You can still go for 30 fps, but take note that pixels are more visible, especially when you zoom in on your recordings. Choosing to buy either a single or a dual-channel mirror dash camera will depend on your needs, but getting the latter will give you more benefits in terms of recording angles. Unlike a single-channel camera that only records videos at the front part of your vehicle, a dual-channel camera has both a front and rear camera.

With this, you can also capture what happens at the backside of your vehicle. Although this is commonly used for public vehicles, you can still use it for your private vehicle if you want to hold better footage and more evidence in case any unexpected incidents happen. With this, you'll also be able to record major incidents from the left or right side of your vehicle that standard lens angles would most likely miss out. However, having a wide lens angle is usually viewed with a fisheye effect. This means that the camera's perspective will be curved due to the widened coverage.

This ensures that you'll never miss out on even the tiniest details. Usually, mirror dash cameras can only record videos. As technology is growing, it is now enhanced with advanced features that will also help you in many other ways, besides safety and protection on the road. Here are some of the amazing features that you can get when you purchase one. If you want to store and transfer your recordings with ease, make sure that your mirror dash camera has Wi-Fi integration so you can send the videos to any device with just a few clicks.

This feature also allows you to control or access your mirror dash camera using your phone. Since your mirror dash camera does not come with a memory card, you have to buy it separately. If you're not a fan of SD cards, you might want to get one that has a cloud storage feature. They offer a monthly or yearly subscription fee and require an internet connection via Wi-Fi, hotspot, or LTE.

It detects where you're at and also helps in tracking the way to your destination. Aside from geographical features, it puts the time and date on the recordings so that you'll have stronger and more detailed footage in case of unexpected incidents.

This also helps you keep track of your speed rate. Ensure that your mirror dash camera has a G-Sensor so that it'll automatically record whenever it detects unusual or malicious movements. Another good thing about it is that even if your storage is full, it prioritizes saving more important footagejust like when it detects movements. Mirror dash cameras are getting even more famous nowadays because it is packed with lots of applications, similar to the ones that you have on your smartphone. Some applications allow you to share your recordings on social media, watch the real-time recording of your mirror dash camera, play music, and more.

To guide you and make buying this product easier for you, here are the Top 10 best mirror dash cameras that you can buy online, together with the links on where to buy them and some customer reviews. Safety is the one priority, and for a mirror dash camera that will ensure safe driving and car monitoring, this Ekleva cam is a very great deal! What makes it unique is that aside from the rear and back camera, it also comes with a left and right camera to provide full access surrounding your vehicle.

The front camera has a p resolution while the rear, left, and right cameras have a P resolution. Imagine having these resolutions together with their wide lens anglethe risks of accidents are reduced as you can monitor every spot of your vehicle! You can drag your fingers on the screen to adjust the view of the front camera.

Besides keeping you safe, this camera also allows you to do other things because it is integrated with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Sometimes, driving can get tiring and boring, especially if you're alone. But worry not, as this mirror dash camera can keep you company! Integrated with Wi-Fi and a 4G module for sim cards, you'll stay connected to the internet no matter where you go.

The Bluetooth feature also lets you play music from your smartphone to brighten your mood. Plus, it comes with a Playstore, so you can download any kind of app such as Waze, Google Maps, and more to guide you to your destination. It can view any type of map, whether it be 2D, 3D, or an offline map. It also has a car assist app that enables you to control your mirror dash camera and check your GPS track history through your smartphone. Want a mirror dash camera that can multi-task?

Check this mirror dash cam from Ekleva which allows you to do different things simultaneously because of its 3 split-screen feature! You can use the main screen to access a specific app. Conversely, you can also customize your experience. For example, the first one can be for monitoring the weather, time, and date. The second one can be used forphone calls, and music via radio, while the last one can be used for real-time camera surveillance. View one or more of your cameras in full-screen mode depending on your situation. However, do take note that you need to purchase a memory card separately.

Need to monitor your vehicle all-day long? This mirror dash camera from Azdome supports parking monitoring mode for 24 hours. Though this camera works non-stop, you don't have to worry about losing or running out of storage space since it only saves footage on the memory card when its motion detector is triggered. It has an enhanced super night vision feature, so you get to record clear footage even when it's dark. It also has a loop recording feature that allows you to quickly save the last second footage from the camera if Top 10 dash cam philippines an incident and you're not recording.

Best of all, it's easy to install and very user-friendly. Going north to Baguio or south to Tagaytay can be challenging because the fog can cloud our vision. But not with this mirror dash camera from Xiaomi!

Never worry about blurry video recordings because it has a defog feature that keeps the camera's quality crystal clear no matter how long you stay in a foggy place. Also, it has a Wide Dynamic Range technology that enhances the camera's quality under high-contrast lighting conditions, so it is perfect for traveling. Driving at night is a great way to escape the heavy traffic.

This can also help you wind down from a tiring day because there are not many cars around at that time. However, it would be best if you are safe from any possible incidents, so that this mirror dash camera might be best for your late-night drives. It has a super night vision feature that allows you to capture videos in the clearest and highest quality even when you're in a dark place. Paired with a reverse visual featureyou wouldn't have to struggle about reversing in the dark!

It also comes with a motion detector, G-sensor, and loop recording features. It's annoying when your camera gets too bright or dark while recording. Thankfully, Woshitu's mirror dash cam is here for those who want clear footage without glares or blurs. This is all thanks to its E-HDR intelligent adjustment featurewhich helps you capture videos with the right lighting. Its stylish curved screen adds up to the beauty of its smooth-looking anti-glare LED screen that Top 10 dash cam philippines your eyes.

It is multi-touch, and its lens can be adjusted depending on your viewing preference. No time to switch on your mirror dash camera? This one will surely help you out! It automatically starts recording when it detects that your vehicle starts moving, and it automatically stops when it's off.

Even when it records continuously or uses its loop recording feature, you only need to wait a minute for it to set. It also automatically saves a clip whenever it detects a collision or any suspicious movement. For those who want to maximize camera storage, this is the best product for you! You can either record videos with no time limit or ones with a specific duration. But what's good about it is that it saves the video in a smaller file size to help you save some storage space. Besides having a superb resolution of P, you can also zoom into the videos you recorded without them getting pixelated.

What's more is that it has a built-in GPS tracker, so you don't have to spend time downloading the app. It also has an alert system that notifies you to lower your speed when needed. Looking for an affordable yet amazing mirror dash camera? This one is perfect for you! It offers good service at an affordable price because it comes with primary features that a mirror dash camera should have. It records videos in P resolution with a wide lens angle of Since the mirror is durableit wouldn't break easily from any possible accidents.

It is also waterproofso you wouldn't have to worry about a ccidental spills or leaks. The cameras can also record simultaneously and seamlessly. Plus, Top 10 dash cam philippines also has night vision - ideal for night driving. This video from Hao Dallas demonstrates how to install a dual-channel mirror dash camera in 9 easy steps! Watch this and read each step below so that you'll be able to install your mirror dash camera properly.

These instructions are applicable for most mirror dash cam models. Your car will always be there to lead you to your journey and take you to your destination. Just remember to take care of it! Below are a few more items that can help you maintain your automobile. If you're familiar with the technologies nowadays, buying a mirror dash camera is not really a difficult task.

However, if you're new to this, just make sure that you'll buy one that will give you crystal clear footage of your moments on the road. Also, always aim for one that is packed with many features to get all its benefits. We hope we've helped you select an excellent mirror dash camera. Still, it's always best to follow traffic protocols, manage your speed on the road, and check your car before leaving your home to avoid accidents. Have a safe ride! Like and follow our Instagram and Facebook for updates! Know Its Recording Quality.

Consider Its Lens Angle. Eliminate Blind Spots From Your Vehicle Safety is the one Top 10 dash cam philippines, and for a mirror dash camera that will ensure safe driving and car monitoring, this Ekleva cam is a very great deal!

Comparing the Best Mirror Dash Cameras. Image 1. How to Install a Mirror Dash Camera. Functional Test. Reverse to find the backup light, which is usually indicated by a white light. Then, use an electroscope to find the live wire of the backup light. Connect the t ports of the video al wire and backup camera lead wire. Afterward, connect the black wire with the neutral wire of the reversing light.

Lastly, insert the red wire in the live wire port until it touches the bottom part. Wiring Plan.

Top 10 dash cam philippines

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