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Today I posting something really unusual here but its the most sought information for many living abroad and trying to import some of electronics stuff back to India. May be this information is not useful to you for now but who knows in future you travel and would like bring home something like LED TVs and other devices. I am in India for a really a short visit will be leaving this afternoonjust three days but the travel this time was nothing less than an adventure. As you all know I work for Samsung Electrionics in Korea I ordered the TV through our internal system and got it for best possible price anywhere in the world.

The big headache was to was to carry that huge baby to India and between the airports. To save time I was travelling through one the worst airports in India Mumbai. Every one told me about customs there are worst in India. But I had no choice but try this out. Legally its free to bring anything inside that cost around INR. Usually the prices are defined by the officers on duty not the bills you carry, specially in Mumbai, and there is lot of bribery at different levels.

You need to deal with custom officer for discount and offer him something in return. In Mumbai there are hell lot of brokers who put you in queue of bribers and you will suck your life for hours and you end up paying around half of the original cost. I saw people negotiating with custom officers and make deals. Just need to deal with these guys politely or pay the amount and walk away.

They will see you will Tv from bangkok to india when pay all go ahead. Just ignore them and walk your way. For me it was hell making transfers between international and domestic airports with such huge TV. Mumbai have different domestic and international airports, that also make it a bad choice if you are traveling to other destinations in India. By hook or crook I reached my destination with an hour delay in domestic flight.

If you get into middle man stuff you end up paying much more. If you can take pain of carrying excess size baggage and moving a large screen TV in airports, it is a great investment specially friends living in US and friends who get discounts on electronic products. What is the weight of TV Package? Korean air at the time of travel. Rules have changed a lot so be careful.

Airline allow TV under excess Size baggage. Hi i would like to carry a 49inch lg tv from oman to chennai could anyone pls tell me what will be the tax amount in chennai airport they get. Can anyone guide me on the customs procedure and duties? On what basis is the duty collected. Any quick response appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I guys I came frm doha to trivandrum on 20th nov Wen i was waitin for the baggage i happened to c 42 inches leds being bot. I was a bit surprised as the govt had restricted d same. But d guys took it wdout any hassels. Later i came to knw thro d cab driver that they have allow 42 in leds to be brot frm abroad. Ds is my exp. But pl chek nconfirm wd other ppl. I am thinking about bringing one from to Bangalore from US next month.

I am planning to have the TV as my only checked in luggage. Do the airlines charge extra for this big TV? Thanks a lot in advance. Can someone assure me whats the situation right now in India especially south india. It is not the case at all Zahid bhai. U are not aware about the rules in place. Government of India has lifted the duty free allowance Upto the value of rs on led TVs wef Can you tell me the procedure which i should follow to take my LCD safely to my home along with the charges which i should pay.

I pay Rs as duty. Custom officer in chennai never bargain or beg for money. Salut to Custom Tv from bangkok to india at Chennai Airport. Is this LED considered to be a free baggage in the airport if your baggage does not exceed the limit?? Please suggest me how much will be the excise duty for a new samsung 42 inch TV brought from kuwait to Chennai — India. Please share the experience. Price goes by the Customs officer. I even showed him the bill and told him that the TV is year old. He started telling that. So basically it goes by the customs officer and how you negotiate with him.

Could you please share your recent experience. Hi I am planning to but 40 led tv in bangkok cost thb and same model in India rs. How much i need to pay the customs? Could you please anyone help. Hi dear I m planning to carry 46 inch tv to my home place india from muscat.

Please shate the latest experience whether I shd carry or not…. I heard it is ok to carry worth Rs electronic Item. But my items surpass this amount? How much custom duty will I have to pay? Do I have to pay for my iphones and camera as well? Can i know jet airways will allow 46 inch? What will be the duty In amount in airport and How much will be base rate of mentioned TV as per the customs data base.

I am carrying a 2 year old used inch TV, do I need to pay the customs? Waiting for the reply… Thanks. I have travelled from malaysia to india chennai yesterday. Sir please help, my brother lives in mecca, saudi arabia. He want to buy a led tv from there.

So what are the recent custom duties on terms if size and the purchased amount. If you could also suggest me for Gold import duties…i will be very thankful. Waiting for the reply… Thanks. But just checked with Jet airways and come to know they charge GBP just for handling the TV even though this is within the baggage allowance? Just would like to know if anyone has recently carried a TV by Jet Airways? I am planning to bring a used TV from Singapore to India. I would like to know whether custom charges are applied for used pieces also and id so….

Please help me clarify this…. Hi Srinivas, did you manage to take your tv. I will be moving to the USA the end of this month. Could someone please confirm it is possible and they have been able to get it to work? As per the new Rules Tv from bangkok to india customs imposing duty of Is the TV weight calculated as a part of normal luggage or there will be additional charges Airlines will ask for? TV worked fine for 1 day and started problem like vertical line on screen. I dont have choice to repair in INdia but I sent to Singapore back for repair. Now I got a new TV as replacement. Do I need to pay again tax to bring my repaired TC to India?

Try taking a new Videocon dish and try. Just now indian gov. So take it easy n just deal on spot. Time will take you through :. Are you able to go through? How much custom duty you paid?

Tv from bangkok to india

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