Understanding the liberal mind

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Neuroscience and politics have traditionally occupied distant regions of my mind—I hardly ever think of one when discussing the other. While I find neuroscience fascinating and inspiring, I feel mostly frustrated, sad, or angry when I encounter politics. Conservatives and liberals seem to be of the same species, speaking the same language, yet their brains appear to be organized in different ways. When I looked further into this, I found three interesting studies that may shed some light on this phenomenon.

The anterior cingulate cortex ACCalong with the anterior insula cortex, is known to be involved with novelty detection, conflict monitoring, and decision-making. This study was the first to demonstrate a measurable difference between the brains of liberals and conservatives. The ACC is also involved with neural systems responsible for self-reflective capacity, attachmentand empathy. The volumetric analysis revealed a correlation between liberal attitudes and larger gray-matter volume in the ACC. The increased gray matter of neurons found among liberals in this study is likely linked to the differences in ACC activation found by Amodio et al.

Kanai et al. Based on these two studies, the ACC is strongly implicated in the differences between these two groups, with liberals looking better than conservatives. We make no warranties, express or implied, about the value or utility for any purpose of the information and resources contained on this site.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. His main thesis is that conservatives have 5 core values: care-taking, fairness, loyalty, respect for authority, and sanctity; while liberals have two core values care-taking and equality. The second core value fairness becomes equality for liberals. He also points out that because conservatives have a broader range of values, they may appeal to more people. The core value of sanctity purity?

Loyalty and authority might be related to increased gray matter in the right amygdala. I did not know that the ACC hand anything to do with attachment and empathy. I thought the dmPFC was more about that. I have a liberal friend who can Understanding the liberal mind dogmatic, fearful, and all about respect but her empathy far outweighs those other features, so where ever empathy is in the brain she has a lot of gray matter there. Anyway kudos to the author and PTN for this fascinating article. Thanks Kate for the he-up on that book by Haidt.

And thanks again for your own wonderful contribution to the magazine! While not specifically being mentioned there is room to alow to nuture filling out the picture. While both my parents were Democrats I turned out a flaming liberal.

I live by a very simple code. We are all stewards of this planet and all, I mean all are responsible. Environmentally, the animals and people are in a beautiful dance to support all of this. Take care of her nuture her and support her. As has been proven through the introduction of wolves into a section to. Learn more as a member of The Science of Psychotherapy! Get access to hundreds of articles, videos, and a community of mental health professionals to help you understand the art and the science of psychotherapy.

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Understanding the liberal mind

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Conservative Brains vs Liberal Brains