Unusual dating events london

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From naked dating to dirty Scrabble, singles nights and speed dating have been reinvented. Can these increasingly quirky events lead to lasting love? It was Friday night in London and I was attending my first singles event. When my friend suggested it, I had expected the evening to be awkward. After two hours of painful conversation with other guests, we eventually escaped, although not before our new friend leaned in for a bum grope.

I was unlucky at this mixer. It holds 55 events a year, including parties, skiing trips and bingo. The average of party attendees doubled to more than between andsuggesting the events are more popular than ever.

Meanwhile, more traditional event organisers are also seeing a rise in demand, with SpeedDater running 70 events a month across 23 cities in the UK. We do speed dating, but we also run parties, cooking classes and wine tasting. People might be unsure about attending them, but then find they enjoy the face-to-face interaction. Lynn, a year-old life coach from Liverpool, turned to speed dating after becoming disillusioned with Tinder.

You might have to meet a huge of people to find someone you are actually compatible with. Some dating companies are putting a spin on singles mixers with events such as naked speed dating or pheromone dating, where people can try to sniff their way to true love. She chose to wear her underwear, although many people were naked.

While she admits there was a novelty factor, it is not something she will repeat in a hurry. Alice is unconvinced that any type of speed dating le to love. Instead, she prefers to attend general meet-up groups, where there is no pressure to look for a partner. The desire for organic interaction is something dating companies are aware of, and it has led to a surge in the of activity events for singles.

InCharlie Spokes set up her own dating business, My Friend Charlie, after a conversation with her mum sparked the idea. He also believes you get a better picture of a person when you meet face-to-face. You have to be yourself. In the past, dating apps, event companies and websites have come under fire for commoditising the search for love. And although many websites and event organisers cite great success rates in uniting couples, ultimately they are businesses, not magic love machines.

If everyone found their fairytale ending on the first attempt, profits would decline. Sometimes they want to meet other singles with similar interests, especially if lots of Unusual dating events london friends are married. As well as life drawing, Jenga dating and dirty Scrabble, the company runs an open mic night where people can come and share their dating Unusual dating events london stories.

We also ban people from using phones to encourage interaction and get everyone talking. Andrew, 36, a London-based advertising specialist, says there is less variety for same-sex events, too. The only person I matched with was the man I met outside when I was smoking. However, he would be keen to try activity events if more existed for gay singles. All Tindered out?

The surprising return of the singles night. A Gatsby-themed singles event arranged by the dating app company Inner Circle. Lizzie Cernik. Mon 17 Feb Topics Dating Relationships features. Reuse this content.

Unusual dating events london

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Unusual and Fun Date Ideas to Try in London