Uplifting songs list

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Thanks for subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! Life is tough, and tiring, and kind of expensive Sometimes it's hard not to wish you had your own personal cheerleader to give you a pep talk whenever your branches are beginning to droop. That's not possible, sadly, but you can always rely on music to give you a quick and cheap mood boost.

With these bops on your playlist, there will be no stopping you from now on. The song came off the back of problems within the group, but it silenced their critics and inspired fans in the process. Once upon a time, Drake was just like you, arguing with his mum and sitting in traffic. After listening to this for a few minutes, you'll feel like you and your crew can go that far too. Possibly the greatest feelgood song of all time, this tune is three minutes of pure happiness and will fling you straight into summer.

There are lo of cover versions knocking around, but — surprise surprise — the joyous original still wins hands down. Learn from that steely resiliance, people! This one is all about dusting yourself off and getting the hell back out there, no matter what. Another that proves life goes on after a break-up, this ultimately empowering disco anthem is a classic motivational tune.

Yet more survivors, this time providing the tune that got Rocky Balboa out of his rut and back in the ring. We defy you to hear those thudding, opening guitar chords and not feel percent ready to deal with whatever nonsense the day throws at you.

Sound familiar, Londoners? This simple, stripped-down ode to being your best authentic self has been striking a chord with outsiders for over three decades. Originally recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell in Uplifting songs list, this Ashford and Simpson-penned song was covered by Diana Ross three years later, becoming a hit.

The original, however, is still the most uplifting version, full of hope and determination, proving that love can conquer anything that stands in its way. Powerful stuff. Nailed like a true icon. A rap about life on the dole might not sound particularly inspirational, but if your job is grinding you down, this one is sure to lift your spirits. A lesson in sticking it to the routine. Every line of this tune —which earned Bedingfield a Grammy nomination and helped her break the US — oozes encouragment and champions the possibilities of a fresh start.

Sometimes, all you need to be inspired is your bad self. A brazenly optimistic indie anthem full of arrogant Mancunian swagger. This Diplo-produced track became massively popular after it soundtracked a viral video back in one guy dancing enthusiastically on his own at Sasquatch! Festival, as Santigold plays a live version of the song. This one dude gradually inspires Uplifting songs list of others to rush towards him and in the fun, inadvertently starting a huge dance party. Great, uplifting vibes, pure and simple.

Plus it has a killer sax solo. This song is a mega-bold statement on female sexuality, with a brilliant accompanying video that features creepy men getting their comeuppance. One of Madonna's very best pop songs is also a feminist classic. Preach, sis, preach. Nick Levine. No excuses. Support Time Out directly today and help Uplifting songs list champion the people and places which make the city tick. Time Out London. Support us Subscribe.

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Uplifting songs list

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