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This award is chosen by DealerRater. Find out more. At first I wasn't too happy with the lack of responsiveness from Used car lot san diego few of the salesmen. However, I was passed over to Jun who saved the day! He was very polite, kind, good listener and helped me find the perfect vehicle at the best possible price.

He made the process much better than I could have ever expected. If you find yourself in the market for a Toyota, don't bother wasting your time at other dealerships. Go straight to Mossy and ask for Jun! Good vehicle, after the recall was handled car drives very well, good economy, check on use prior to sale, wouldn't recommend the dealers service department though. Dan and Tom treated me with honesty and respect. I would refer any body looking for a used car to check out Carz.

A good place to shop for a used car. Quick, classy and fun. Makes you feel good every time you start it. There are cars that do many things better, but as a package it cannot be beat. Outstanding experience. Platform was great, and when you needed real people to help, they Used car lot san diego there in a flash. I would highly recommend TRED to buy your next car, they just make it so much easier. The best part it I didn't even have to go the DMV:. The ride is quiet and comfortable and the power and acceleration are impressive.

I find myself going to the store for no reason and a recent drive to visit my parents miles away went quickly thanks to the massaging seats and powerful Bose stereo. Very happy so far with my Q7. The i convertible is a perfect fit for my driving style and circumstances. Performance is unbeatable at this price point, and dealer service is tops. Plenty of room, luxury beautiful SUV, Never a mechanical problem.

I would love to buy a new one but too expensive but worth it, if you love power and luxury this is your SUV. Best car I ever owned. But the is amazing and it does everything quite well. No disappointments. I absolutely love my Q7! It is a wonderful vehicle that provides comfort, safety and exceptionality all in one! I can not Used car lot san diego driving anything other than an Audi and I am forever loyal to the brand!

I have a 1. In Sport mode, it even sounds way meatier than it should. Highway driving is smooth and serene, and the LKA and adaptive cruise make road trips a pleasure. Gas mileage is also impressive for a larger car - just got back from a mile road trip and averaged about 35mpg.

Still love the look of the car - the sport wheels add a lot to the sport back look of the car. The climate controls do weird things sometimes and I wish there was a trunk release on the trunk, but my gripes are minor.

Just a great all around car and amazing value. I just bought my first Lexus during the December to Remember event. The best part was Matt made the experience very easy and he was super professional. To top it off he showed me pictures of his cute new puppy to make it even better! I have bought and leased many cars over the years. I look forward to having my car serviced there. I have heard so many great things about their services. I will be recommending them to my friends. This car is great, it has everything I could ever ask for!

It has a lot of props, and very reliable and stylish! Visited Lexus EL Cajon for a repair on my car. The service department was very helpful in explaining what needed to be done and not pushy at all. I traveled a little further than normally to come here but I am glad I did.

Highly recommend this store to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle and have it serviced at the same place. Thank you! This is a very comfortable car and is great for trips. It has a tremendous amount of room for luggage.

The V8 also makes it great for driving around town. From the first step to the last Sam Martindale was our sales person and not only is he fun and energetic to work worth, his knowledge of the cars on the lot is very impressive. He was super patient with me while I sat in, drove, and just plain wondered around while making my decision. He also introduced us to co workers and I found that little addition to make the whole experience even more comfortable.

No pressure what so ever to purchase. He really just wanted to make sure I was happy. Everything was quick and easy! Thanks Sam and Lexus El Cajon. I've lost count of how many BMWs I've owned, and will never drive anything else. Ride, comfort, experience, feel, quality, workmanship, amazing engineering, quiet, They are precision instruments and a joy to drive, even to just the store and back.

Others included i, M3, Mi. All equally unbelievable. I always have great experience coming here. Best service hands down. Juan De La Torre has been the best service technician ever. As i have mentionedI have been driving Toyota Camry for the last 12 years. There is not much to say as to the quality and performance of this model. Love it. Owned an 06 with miles on it no problems no rust great vehicle this one is even smoother with more options and more comfortable. Each time, there is no nonsense, no pressure and no games. They are very helpful when choosing a car and getting financing.

There is no price haggling because the prices are extremely fair I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra with all the fixins'. Plus, it was in great condition, except for some minor things one would expect a used car to have My last car I purchased at Auto City was a Chrysler which had miles. I am still driving that car in the family and it currently hasmiles. My son bought a Toyota Matrix and drove Uber for 3 years, trading it in withmiles.

Another car bought was a Chevrolet Malibu that was purchased and is driving great with no problems and well overmiles. All of the cars we purchased had no problem other than an alternator, battery and minor things like that when cars reached overmiles, and this is to be expected. We never had any major issues with any car, and no problem until many miles later after purchase. My most recent purchase at Auto City took in to consideration that I was self-employed this time.

Isaac Duran, the finance manager, did everything in his power to get financing with a lower interest rate, and he did it. All I can say is that if you go anywhere else, you will pay more, put up with weird sales games and miss out on an easy, positive experience in buying a car. And, to boot, they will stand by your car for 6 months, 6, miles along side the dealer warranty they have a huge auto service department to ensure the cars they sell are good.

They have always backed us up and made buying a car a positive, easy, confident and a no-risk transaction. Anywhere else I went to check, I always got the "weird-ar" pegging out. Very good, honest people and great cars, with no worries! This is a very positive review, but there is truly nothing I can complain about after buying all of our family cars there for years.

Talk to salesperson Mike or Alex The sales manager is great and ensures everything goes quick, smooth and I get a good deal. It always a good experience at Quality Chevrolet, I bring both of my Chevrolets here for service.

The is one of the best, if not the best mid-sized sports utility vehicle around. I'll definitely recommend this vehicle. Just like my title says, they stand behind their word.

Used car lot san diego

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