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Your choice of which vasectomy reversal doctor to work with is the single most important factor in determining your chances of fertility success. We therefore strongly recommend that you invest some time, call around yes, you absolutely should talk directly with any surgeon you are considering before scheduling a procedureand do your research! A large of reversal sites on the internet try very hard to give the impression that all vasectomy reversal procedures are essentially the same in terms of outcomes- in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

You would not know if from a quick glance at their websites, but many if not the majority of reversal doctors who advertise extensively on the internet are performing vasectomy reversals using very old and outdated surgical techniques. Of course, any doctor offering reversals is going to strenuously deny that they are offering their patients anything but the best procedures, and all reversal websites are deed to support this impression as well. The good news is that for couples who are trying to find a true microsurgical specialist to work with, it is quite Vasectomy reversal michigan to identify which doctors are using these older and much less successful techniques by learning what to look for and being willing to ask and expect direct answers to a few simple questions.

There is plentiful research data showing that the latest most advanced microsurgical vasectomy reversals have far superior fertility outcomes as compared to Vasectomy reversal michigan older simpler techniques. So why would a doctor choose to offer reversals which are known to have much lower success rates? The first is to try and claim that their quick minute reversals under local anesthesia are the same as the 2. The same procedure in less than half the time by someone with a fraction of the training- this really just defies logic.

The short quick bargain reversal procedures are quite simple and easy to learn, which is great for a doctor with no formal urology training who wants to rebrand their medical practice as a vasectomy reversal center. The bargain doctors know that the most advanced reversal techniques are only able to be learned and mastered by physicians willing to dedicate at least 5 years to basic Urologic instruction and then another 1 or 2 years of advanced fellowship training to become true specialists in fertility microsurgery. The latest most successful vasectomy reversal techniques take about 2. Most all fellowship-trained specialists perform their procedures either under general anesthesia or heavy sedation- either way the man is completely asleep and not moving.

This is very important as any movement of the patient while the doctor is working under the operating microscope looks like a magnitude 7. The fact is that outpatient general anesthesia provided by a d highly trained anesthesia specialist is extremely safe, and ificant complications are fleetingly rare in the relatively healthy men of reproductive age who are typically undergoing scrotal microsurgery.

Neither have had any training in that surgical field and therefore have no business performing these procedures on unsuspecting patients. Hospitals and surgery centers protect themselves from the huge liability risk of having doctors perform procedures for which they have not undergone formal training by having an extensive credentialling process for any physician offering procedures at their facility.

So, if you go in for procedure at a surgery center or hospital, you can feel relatively assured that your surgeon at least has the experience and credentials that document that he has had extensive training in performing your procedure. In reality, they do not have the training or credentials to offer anything but the outdated reversal techniques of decades past in their own office. This is where the business model really comes into Vasectomy reversal michigan view. So, what is the incentive for such a big career change? More likely, their decision to abruptly switch to the completely different field of urologic microsurgery was helped along by the fact that offering cheap quick reversals represents a potentially very lucrative business opportunity.

Set up a nice website with lots of testimonials and baby pictures. As for success rates to put on your website, you have two options. One is just to make up the s or manipulate your own outcomes data- no one can actually check their accuracy tip: the more detailed information you include, the more convincing it looks. An even easier approach is to just quote the medical literature data on the well-documented outcomes of fellowship-trained specialists using the latest techniques, and just imply that these are your success rates as well.

Now here comes the crucial part where not being able to perform the most advanced 2. The short minute procedure times of bargain reversals allows you to easily perform at least 3 of these procedures each day. Even better, by eliminating the anesthesia and surgery center fees, your overall vasectomy reversal price is dramatically lower which is a home run from a marketing standpoint.

With this model in place, you have just set yourself up to make 3 times as much money as a fellowship trained microsurgical specialists each and every day while performing essentially the same amount of work. Definitely a very clever and attractive business plan and a win-win situation for providers willing to overlook the fact that they are offering substandard care Vasectomy reversal michigan patients without telling them about the substantial trade-offs in fertility success rates. Unfortunately, from the standpoint of the couples, bargain reversals on the internet represent a lose-lose situation- outdated techniques performed by providers with minimal to no actual training in the latest microsurgical reversal techniques that invariably lead to ificantly decreased success rates.

It is truly up to couples to do their research- the key to fertility success is to find a vasectomy reversal doctor who provides the latest, most successful microsurgical techniques at an affordable price. In addition, finding a reversal doctor who is responsive to your questions and will partner with you on every step of the reversal process both before, during, and after your procedure is extremely important to optimizing your chances of a successful post-reversal pregnancy.

A fellowship-trained specialist has devoted at minimum 10 years to medical training 4 years of medical school, 5 to 6 years of Urology residency, and 1 to 2 years of infertility microsurgical fellowship - they should be performing your entire vasectomy reversal case for the best outcomes possible. Is a discount really worth having a PA physician assistant with only 2 total years of medical training perform all or part of what is supposed to be extremely sophisticated and demanding microsurgery? Choosing your vasectomy reversal doctor is the most important decision you are going to make during your post-vasectomy fertility journey- investing some time in making this choice and making sure that they perform the entire procedure from start to finish is well worth the effort.

Click on the following link for a comprehensive review of how to identify which vasectomy reversal doctors are true specialists and have the skills and training to provide you with your best chances of achieving your dreams of parenthood. Whenever someone buys a product or service, there are always choices Vasectomy reversal michigan must be made balancing between the cost and quality of what is being purchased. On the one hand, everyone likes to find a bargain and not have to pay more for a product or service than is absolutely necessary.

On the flip side, the cheapest options generally cost less for a reason. The same concept holds true for vasectomy reversals. The key to choosing a vasectomy reversal doctor is to find a fellowship-trained specialist who offers the latest most advanced microsurgical techniques at a reasonable price.

The comprehensive guide mentioned above reviews a few simple questions that you should ask any prospective vasectomy reversal surgeon who you are considering working with to make sure that they provide the most technically advanced modern reversal techniques which provide the highest chances of fertility success. This is the complete price with no hidden fees or additional costs for example, if a vas-to-epididymis connection is necessary.

Click on the following link for more information on vasectomy reversal pricing and financing options. If the latest most advanced techniques are being utilized, the vasectomy reversal procedure is one of the most demanding microsurgeries performed in medicine today. Decades of innovation and advancements in microsurgical instrumentation and optical visualization have led to the high success rates currently achievable today if the latest techniques are used. When performing a vasectomy reversal, there are 2 different types of connections which can be utilized when re-establishing the connection within the genital duct system: vas-to-vas vasovasostomy and vas-to-epididymis vasoepididymostomy connections.

It is extremely important for any couple looking into getting a vasectomy reversal Vasectomy reversal michigan understand the differences between these 2 connections, and to make sure that their vasectomy reversal doctor performs vas-to-epididymis connections when needed on a regular basis. The epididymal tubules are much smaller than the vas deferens, so a vas-to-vas connection is always preferred since it has a higher success rate, but it is very important to know that every patient has a chance of needing either type of connection.

It is not known until the time of the vasectomy reversal when the vasal fluid is examined microscopically whether a vas-to-vas or vas-to-epididymis connection will be needed, with the chances of requiring a vas-to-epididymis connection increasing with the s of years which have passed since the original vasectomy. Couples who are truly interested in good success rates really have to do their own research and talk with potential vasectomy reversal doctors directly to ask them these two very important questions:.

Your first attempt at a vasectomy reversal has been clearly shown to have the highest chance of success so make sure that you are working with a doctor with the skills and training to offer you your best opportunity for a successful outcome. Redo vasectomy reversals are possible but are always associated with ificantly lower pregnancy rates- you only get one first best chance at vasectomy reversal success so make it count.

Be sure to talk directly to the reversal surgeon yourself before scheduling any procedure and not just a staff member at their office. This should be a big warning that these doctors are trying to discourage any pre-procedure scrutiny of their training and qualifications and to avoid any uncomfortable questions.

I encourage people to take their time and do their research. Any true microsurgical expert should be happy to talk with you for no charge before any procedure as many times as necessary to discuss all of your options and get all of your questions answered in detail. Click below for more detailed information on the importance of being able to perform both vas-to-vas and vas-to-epididymis connections. Some reversal doctors define success as the return of any sperm to the ejaculate- this definition is not particularly helpful since the presence of only a small of sperm is going to make establishing a natural pregnancy difficult, if not impossible.

Other doctors define success only by post-reversal sperm counts e. The problem which this definition is that partial blockages following a reversal often lead to relatively high sperm counts but little to no motility. If the sperm are not moving, then they are not going to be able to swim up the fallopian tubes to find an egg to fertilize regardless of how high the sperm count is.

At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of Ohio, we define success in terms of total motile sperm counts which evaluates both sperm s and motility- in other words, the total of swimming sperm in the ejaculate, which is the best predictor of successfully establishing a pregnancy.

By our definition, success is getting the total of swimming sperm to a level where you would expect to have a good chance of establishing a pregnancy naturally, usually defined as a total motile count of at least 10 million sperm, and ideally 20 million or above. Based on this definition, our success rates based on the types of connections needed at your reversal are:.

Click below for more detailed information on Dr. Only urologists who have completed a fellowship in infertility microsurgery have the training to offer the most advanced and successful vasectomy reversal techniques. However, the surgical practice of even most fellowship-trained urologists consists mainly of other procedures, such as surgery of of the prostate, repair of varicoceles, and the treatment of erection problems. Dr Russell's approach is different. His surgical practice focuses exclusively on vasectomy reversals and sperm extraction procedures. This specialization allows him to concentrate on one goal only- to provide the absolutely best post-vasectomy fertility outcomes possible.

Click below to learn more about Dr. Russell and the training he has pursued to offer the latest most successful vasectomy reversal techniques for his patients. The driving time to Dr. Russell's surgery center for most Michigan residents is between 3. Most couples traveling from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan choose to come in the night before the procedure we provide information on local hotel accommodations and return back home the day of the procedure.

Upper Peninsula patients often stay one extra night or drive back half way home the day of the procedure. Click on the link below, leave a message ator vasreversalohio gmail. The Procedure. Are Vasectomies Reversible - Success Rates. Vasectomy Reversal Cost. Shane Russell. Michigan Vasectomy Reversal Options. Complete Guide to Choosing Your Vasectomy Reversal Doctor - Michigan Your choice of which vasectomy reversal doctor to work with is the single most important factor in determining your chances of fertility success.

Vasectomy Reversal Cost - Michigan Whenever someone buys a product or service, there are always choices which must be made balancing between the cost and quality of what is being purchased. Vasectomy Reversal Cost Information. Vasectomy Reversal Doctor — Michigan If the latest most advanced techniques are being utilized, the vasectomy Vasectomy reversal michigan procedure is one of the most demanding Vasectomy reversal michigan performed in medicine today. Couples who are truly interested in good success rates really have to do their own research and talk with potential vasectomy reversal doctors directly to ask them these two very important questions: 1 Are they a board-certified urologist who has undergone fellowship training in infertility microsurgery?

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure Details. Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates. Shane Russell Only urologists who have completed a fellowship in infertility microsurgery have the training to offer the most advanced and successful vasectomy reversal techniques. About Dr. Vasectomy reversal michigan to Ohio The driving time to Dr. Request Consultation. Last Name. Any Additional Comments.

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