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Before she died of cancer at the age of 26 inPhillips was a fashion deer, artist, dominatrix, stripper, actress, music manager, and photographer, socializing with the downtown creative types. Thirty-five years after her death, Phillips is still regarded with esteem by her friends and colleagues. I've never met another person like her. Anya symbolized that period.

She was a powerful energy source that's now missing from the scene, an example of how intense willpower is charisma. According to Chance, Phillips was born in China, sometime around — her biological father was a general in Chiang Kai-shek's army. Her mother fled to Taiwan after the Communist takeover of China and later married a U.

I guess that was something Anya grew up with, and that's why Anya in her own right was a really amazing deer. Despite their contrasting personalities, the two students began a close, albeit complicated friendship. She impressed me a lot. Anya was super beautiful. Following graduation, Phillips left Taiwan and briefly lived with Reed and her American military dad in Hawaii. It was there that the two friends planned their move to New York City because Phillips recognized it as the center of the fashion world, Reed said.

Phillips left for New York City infollowed by Reed a few months later. Reed remembers Phillips being accepted into the Parsons School of De on a full scholarship but leaving after three days due to her lack of discipline. Around this period, Phillips was making jewelry and outfits and also befriended men who would pay her to go out with them; she also became a dominatrix. It was the perfect bachelorette pad, and every once in a while she would have this guy come over and he'd clean it all up for us.

And he'd pay her to do it. Immediately upon walking in, she's like, 'Oh, this is [punk rocker] Richard Hell. Photographer Roberta Bayley, who worked the door at CBGB at the time, remembered meeting Phillips when the latter threw a women-only party.

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She then started moving over to the CBGB scene. She was just an interesting person when many people weren't that interesting. Art curator Diego Cortez collaborated with Phillips on several projects, including an unfinished film with cinematographer Steve Mass in which Phillips portrayed Priscilla Presley.

During a car ride through Memphis during production, Phillips and Cortez pitched to Mass the idea of a new downtown nightclub that would host live music, performance art, and a gallery. The Mudd Club did a lot theme events…. She was instrumental in that.

Basically she kind of set the tone artistically. Years later, Sylvia Reed recalls an incident in which Phillips had attempted suicide following the end of a romantic relationship. According to Sylvia Reed, Phillips went first to talk to Lou Reed and then later brought her over to them.

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The musician took more of an interest in Sylvia Reed — the two later married in When this moment [with Lou] came up It broke up our friendship. A Wisconsinite who moved to the Big Apple in late to pursue a music career, Chance was also drawn to the punk scene.

But work on the project was halted after Phillips discovered she had cancer. She was treated at a medical facility in Westchester County, New York.

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She knew where to be at every moment. Reed remembers receiving a desperate phone call from Phillips while she was undergoing treatment asking Reed to go to London with her on a moment's notice. Her strained friendship with Reed never truly mended.

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That's all completely untrue. It was just heartbreaking. Phillips' friends said that she would have made an impact on the fashion world had she lived longer. Their style was their kind of art.

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Anya was that kind of person. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

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We met at blondies w ur friend in cortez

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