What do men read

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Fiction reading rose from What do men readbut has been dropping ever since — and is now back to levels. The decline in fiction reading last year occurred mostly among white Americans, including women and men of various educational backgrounds; rates held steady among non-white and Hispanic groups, the report found.

Young adults are more likely to read fiction than nonfiction books, whereas the oldest Americans aged 75 and older are more likely to read nonfiction books, the NEA found. Like newspapers, sales of print books are declining. But novels have suffered more than nonfiction in recent years, according to research firm Nielsen. Total adult print book sales fell 2. Emily Dickinson, if she were alive today, would have the biggest reason to be depressed: In the past decade, poetry suffered the steepest decline in readership for any literary genre.

Only 6. The dip in fiction reading could be just temporary. Post-recession, people may be working harder or spending more time reading things other than books online, she says. And some speculate that the quality of books could be partially to blame for the decline. Why the slump in reading fiction? Self-help books and biographies may have a certain utilitarian appeal, says New York-based author Christopher Sorrentino. Novels do have obvious benefits, of course. Reading fiction — perhaps not surprisingly — can improve empathy, according to a study by researchers at the New School published in the journal Science last year.

Whether a book is fiction or non-fiction may even be less important than what the book is about. Reading non-fiction along the lines of Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau, for instance, might increase empathy, he says. Another possible explanation: Narcissism. Americans spend 23 hours per week using social media, ing and texting, a report by eMarketer found. Amid broader cultural s showing a move away from literature, publishers of fiction may be swimming against the tide. And in a study released inthe Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ranked Americans just 16 out of 23 industrialized countries in literacy.

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What do men read

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