What does the slang word dub mean

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An example of dub is to replace a French soundtrack in a movie with an English soundtrack. She watched from the family room window as he wolfed the food - a habit that had prompted Cade to dub him Scruffy. In the middle ages it was a common practice for sovereigns and princes to dub each other knights much as they were afterwards, and are now, in the habit of exchanging the stars and ribbons of their orders.

Filters 0. Words form: dubbed dubbing dubs. See word origin. Dub is slang for a clumsy person. An example of a dub is someone who always falls. A mostly instrumental style of music originating in Jamaica, produced by remixing existing recordings to emphasize drum and bass rhythms and adding audio effects. The act of dubbing. Dub is defined as to give a title or rank to, or to add a soundtrack in a film.

An example of dub is to make someone a knight. To tap lightly on the shoulder by way of conferring knighthood. To honor with a new title or description. To give a name to facetiously or playfully; nickname. To strike, cut, or rub timber or leather, for example so as to make even or smooth.

To dress a fowl. To execute a golf stroke, for example poorly. An awkward person or player; a bungler. To thrust at; poke. To beat a drum. To make a thrust. A drumbeat. To insert a new soundtrack, often a synchronized translation of the original dialogue, into a film. To add sound into a film or tape. The new sounds added by dubbing. A dubbed copy of a tape or record. A puddle or small pool. To hit; strike. To confer knighthood on by tapping on the shoulder with a sword. To make wood, etc.

To dress leather by rubbing. To bungle a golf stroke, etc. A clumsy, unskillful person. To rerecord the sound from an old recording. To provide with a soundtrack. To insert in a film a soundtrack with synchronized dialogue in another language. Dialogue, music, etc. A copy of a recording made for testing the sound or content. A small pool or puddle. A form of reggae produced by remixing original recordings with overdubbed sound effects, spoken words, fragments of other music, etc.

To add or overlay sound onto an existing audio track or video in a post production environment. For example, additional instruments or voices can be mixed in with the original sound tracks of a song. See also dub-dub-dub. To confer knighthood ; the conclusion of the ceremony was marked by a tap on the shoulder with the sword. To nameto entitleto call. To deem. To clothe or invest; to ornament; to adorn. To strike, rub, or dress smooth; to dab. To strike cloth with teasels to raise a nap. To rub or dress with grease, as leather in the process of currying it. To prepare a gamecock for fighting, by trimming the hackles and cutting off the comb and wattles.

To make a copy from an original or master audio tape. To copy the audio track onto a film. To replace the original soundtrack of a film with a synchronized translation. To mix audio tracks to produce a new sound; to remix. UK, dialect A pool or puddle.

To make a noise by brisk drumbeats. What does the slang word dub mean beat on a drum. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs dub in. Origin of dub. Compare also drub for an English reflex of the Germanic word. Dub Sentence Examples. Related articles. Also Mentioned In. WWW dubbed triple dub redub dubbing Internet domain name three dubs anglicise dubtronica dubby. Words near dub in the Dictionary.

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What does the slang word dub mean

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