What is the difference between ice and methamphetamines

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Please ask the recipient to check their junk mail folder if they have not received this resource. This is why, compared to other forms of methamphetamine, ice has a greater potential for the person using the drug to develop and other long-term physical and mental health problems. Learn more about the effects of ice on the brain and body. Learn more about the mental health effects of ice.

The use of ice can affect people differently and may be more problematic for some people than others. The impact of ice also depends on how much is taken, the of the drug, how the drug is taken e. Repeated use of ice builds up tolerance requiring higher and more frequent doses to achieve the same effects. Ice is usually sold in points 0. This reduces its and makes its effects even more unpredictable. People may also take other substances at the same time as ice, for example, drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis.

The more substances a person takes or is affected by at a time, the more chance there is of something going wrong. Learn more about what happens when you use ice with other drugs. In the past decade or so, Australia has seen an increase in the use of ice as the main form of methamphetamine. Learn more about trends in methamphetamine and ice use in Australia. Australian Drug Foundation. Peck, Y. Multi-drug cocktails: Impurities in commonly used illicit drugs seized by police in Queensland, Australia.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence,p49— Home Get the facts Crystal methamphetamine facts What is crystal methamphetamine? Close Share resource. Share. Your name. Type in the verification code: E4hXR. Get support. Psychotic reactions can occur in some people. Psychosis is a potential side effect of frequent methamphetamine use. It is impossible to predict who will experience psychotic symptoms as a side effect of ice use. Related Content How many people use crystal methamphetamine? Why do people use crystal methamphetamine? What are the laws about crystal methamphetamine?

Stigma and crystal methamphetamine use. What is crystal methamphetamine 'ice'? Crystal methamphetamine, or 'ice', is a synthetic drug and of Methamphetamine typically comes in three different forms ice, base and speed that vary in their appearance and Crystal methamphetamine is one of the most varieties of the drug and is usually colourless and odourless.

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What is the difference between ice and methamphetamines

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What is the difference between ice and speed?