What makes you a great kisser

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Skip ! Story from Sex. And of course, you want to What makes you a great kisser sure that your partner enjoys kissing you as much as you love kissing them. So, what makes a good kisser? In fact, the only thing that might make you a bad kisser is if you expect everyone you kiss to like exactly the same things, instead of paying attention to each person's preferences. That said, there are some general tips we can share for inspiration — feel free to modify based on what you and your partner enjoy.

How to start a kiss. After you've received enthusiastic consent and you go to kiss someone, lean in slowly. If they pull back or freeze, stop. And if you're not sure if they'd like you to kiss them, you can always ask. How to be a good French kisser. So a long, slow, French kiss is a good bet. How to be good at neck kisses. Once your make-out session is in full swing, add in some neck kisses.

Hickeys can be fun, but check with your partner to see if they'd like one, first. How to be good at ear kisses. Along with neck kisses, some people love ear kisses. You can also try using your teeth. Some people love a light bite on their neck, ear, or lower lip.

How to be good at making out. Sticking with one type of kiss can get boring, so vary it up by moving between French kisses, shorter kisses, and neck kisses. Wrap them around your partner, touch their arms, back, or face, or head for one of their erogenous zones. How to be good at forehead kisses. When incorporated at the right time, this move can be super-intimate and dreamy. The key here is eye contact. Look into your partner's eyes, then pull back and land a soft, lingering but still brief smooch on their forehead.

You can round it out with more eye contact if it feels right. Remember, different people like different things. Maybe your ex loved it when you bit their lower lip, but your new partner wants you to keep your teeth away from their skin, thanks. Once, when we were having sex, I caught my atte. We were sitting at a terrazzo-to. Shortly after I moved to L. She brought a housewarming gift with her: a ta. Some people stuck to video and.

What makes you a great kisser

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