What your dating superpower

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Dating can be tricky business; any girl who wins over her crush's heart is a hero in our book. You could have some smooth moves you aren't even aware of! Take this quiz and find out what makes you irresistible to guys. You strike up a conversation about how excited you are to see Spider-Man, even though you were planning on seeing the latest chick flick. What do you do?

Let him have a break if he needs it. Besides, that cute guy in your science lab was totally flirting with you during class. One of your BFF's has been sending you cold texts. Lucky for you, this year you have a boyfriend you adore. What do you get him? You can chime in with a sports stat and one-up your crush in quoting movies anytime. What's Your Dating Superpower?

Created by Seventeen. You run into your crush at the movies and he comes over to chat OMG. You ask him to sit with you during the movie. Might as well cut to the chase. Where can you be spotted? Cuddled next to your crush on the couch. Watching sports with the guys. Working the room. So many boys, so little time. Smile sweetly and ask if he could review that section of material with you during lunch.

Answer confidently with whatever comes to mind. You and your boyfriend have been fighting lately and he suggests taking a break. Your closest girlfriends turn to you when…. They want help getting over a boy. They need someone to vent to. What is your favorite class in school? Foreign languages.

You like that each problem has one right answer. Your guy friends know you as The girl they've all dated. One of the guys. A tease. You steal all the attention away from her whenever you go out together. You see your ex at a party and you want to What your dating superpower him jealous. Make it your goal to talk to every guy in the room before the night is over. You cook him dinner and dessert at your house. How romantic! You plan a scavenger hunt that has you running all around town looking for the next activity. Super Flirt. Mind Reader. Speed Dater. Facebook Comments.

What your dating superpower

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