When to give up on dating sites

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Never have we been more connected but in such woefully meaningless ways. Why do we continue to expect meaningful and life-fulfilling relationships while contributing the same amount of effort that it takes to order take out? The complaint that I hear most frequently from people ready to rage quit online dating apps is that people are disrespectful.

They ghost you. They abruptly start and stop conversations with no warning. They expect to be able to pick up the conversation two weeks after they stopped responding just because their Friday night plans happened to fall through. Everyone is easy come easy go.

If it takes one swipe to start a conversation with someone, you know there are plenty more conversations right around the corner with minimal to no effort on your part. Our attention spans and memories are suffering for it. Our happiness is suffering for it.

And make no mistake, dating apps use the same bombardment of stimuli with the dangled carrot of the promise of a blissful relationship to keep you hooked. Dating apps figured out that making it a game would get you hooked, feeding you bits of dopamine that keep you fiending every time you get a match. I get it though, how else are they going to create value for their shareholders? This is what le people to surreptitiously browse Tinder when their newly minted partner falls asleep in bed next to them. We do live in a very image-oriented society. The crooked smiles and noses with character fall flat in photos when they might otherwise add charm to an absolutely lovely being in person.

Each ghosting and fizzled conversation feels like a rejection and a personal failure. Low levels of self-worth lead people to cope in unhealthy ways. They choose to withdraw rather than seeking support. They turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. It can definitely happen, but I think people need to start asking whether the slim chance of finding an ideal outcome outweighs the negative consequences of using such platforms.

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When to give up on dating sites

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