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A medical journalist with a global reputation, Dr Norman Swan has been a broadcaster with the ABC for almost 40 years. And some surprises too, such as suggestions for how young queer people might best come out. The odd bit of myth-busting aside, the book covers a lot of familiar ground.

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Sugar rots your teeth. Eating better, exercising more and drinking less booze will boost your chances of staying healthy longer. By day three, our household was stocking up on extra garlic and discussing extra virgin olive oil around the dinner table with our seven year old. The strongest section of the book is about food. The classic Mediterranean diet, with its olive oil and leafy greens, gets a very big tick. Vegan fasting, despite no strong evidence to support it, is deemed worth a go. Additives and enhanced food are written off as more about marketing than nutrition.

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Vitamin and mineral supplements are a multi-billion dollar industry based on very little science. We learn that Norman almost never sleeps, loves a daily nap, hates almond lattes, is recovering from a salt-addiction and once consulted a dietician who suggested the reason he was hungry all the time was because he ate too much. One powerful story features the four-year old Norman, on a visit with his father to a Christmas carnival.

He uses the anecdote to highlight the stress that can come from a loss of control. There are musings on whether a rating system is needed for pornography, strong endorsement of the role of condoms, and caution about cosmetic genital surgery. Particularly welcome was the celebration of the clitoris, whose role in the reality of sex is still stubbornly ignored by too much of the wider screen culture. My book Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals documented how an alliance of sex researchers and drug companies have repeatedly tried to create new of illness, in order to build billion-dollar markets.

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And in my book with Alan Cassels, Selling Sicknesswe expose how this problem of medicalising ordinary life is widespread across the medical landscape. There are lots of very short bites, sometimes not so coherently arranged, and a feeling now and again that words were written very quickly. The section on potential health impacts of screens and devices was just seven s, compared to other sections that ran for more than 70 s.

Another minor concern is the referencing. : Five commonly over-diagnosed conditions and what we can do about them. Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Ray MoynihanBond University. Sex Diet Social determinants of health fad diets wellness.

Where is free sex in Norman

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