Which tv couple are you

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Zoo By: Jody Mabry. Scroll To Start Quiz. Less than a year. One to three years. Three to five years. More than five years. One day. One week. High school dance. A party. Right away. It was love at first sight. Not sure yet. Long term? It was after a couple months. Never had to. Multiple times. We can do that? That's not how it works. Just my ificant other. Many, many, many people. A couple, but not many. I went out with a lot, but my ificant other didn't.

Neither of us. We order take-out. My ificant other. We switch off. We both don't really care. It depends who you ask. We drive our own cars. ificant other. The first to the car. We share them. We're lucky to put pants on in our family. A ticking time-bomb. Who else would have us? Common ground. Only in the heat of the battle. Many times. It's easier to stay together. Almost daily. Across the entire width. On the couch due to snoring. Both of us. Where do you think the smell comes from? My ificant other wears socks to bed. We do that in the parlor.

Only on accident. We don't hide anything. It's kind of a competition around here. Every week or so. Which decade is this? On special occasions: birthday, New Year's, Bears winning the big game. After a fight. All the time. After I mess up. At least once a day. Every season or so. Fights have been replaced with constant jabs. We fight when my ificant other doesn't do what I say. Slapstick screw-ups. The most ridiculous things. Whose feet stink the worst. No one. That's a long list. The neighbor. Someone famous. Texted as an emoticon.

Blown from across the room in sarcasm. Soon, I think. It's in my smartphone. When I'm told it's coming up. Is this a trick question? Both at a. Whenever we get around to it. As soon as those annoying kids come looking for food. Anything that starts with "The Housewives of —". Hanging out. Going to a sporting event. Going to a movie. Playing cards with friends. The Caribbean. The Holiday Inn. A national park. I want to bake some donuts if there's time today. I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed early.

What was that? Rats in the attic again? Can you help me get this sock under the bed?

Which tv couple are you

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MW Quiz: Which TV Couple Are You And Your Partner?