Why do people get jealous in a relationship

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Subscriber active since. When the green-eyed monster rears its ugly head, it can be a real deal-breaker, at least where relationships are concerned. However, jealousy can play both saviour and assassin in romantic partnerships, which is why, according to one psychologist, it's imperative to understand how it works and where it comes from.

As Dr Robert L Leahy outlines in his new book: " The Jealousy Cure ," jealousy is about a lot more than a mere wandering eye, and often has a lot to do with our own character traits. It occurs when one person feels threatened by a third party. Either someone in the partnership is interested in a third party or they are interested in a person in the relationship. Of course, sometimes it can be both. Leahy separates romantic jealousy into two : sexual jealousy and jealousy regarding emotional closeness. According to him, men are more likely to be affected by the former, while studies show the women are more at risk of being consumed by the latter.

This can include: unclear expectations, unbalanced commitment levels, earlier experiences of abandonment and earlier experiences of betrayal. One way of explaining this is imagining a partner saying: "I would not care if you slept with other people.

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Why do people get jealous in a relationship

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Here's the real reason why you get jealous in relationships — and what you can do about it