Why stay in a relationship

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Posted November 19, Reviewed by Matt Huston. New research by Machia and Ogolsky published this month in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin investigates the reasons we choose to stay in or to leave our current relationships. When considering the hypothetical reasons for staying or leaving their current relationships, participants stated that they would continue their relationships if they were satisfied with their relationships, if they were in love, and if they had strong friendships with their partners.

Conversely, the respondents thought they would leave their relationships if their partners did not fulfill their personal needs, if their relationship needs were unfulfilled, or if they were not in love. However, the authors noted several factors that seem to strongly influence our decisions to stay in or to leave our relationships that were not obvious to those involved in the research. This finding may indicate that the couples in this sample were particularly satisfied with their relationships. Another reason we might choose to stay in a relationship, even when we feel unsatisfied, is that when we decide to end a relationship, we often experience mixed feelings.

These feelings of ambivalence, coupled with the default decision to stay, make it likely that we will need stronger reasons to leave a relationship than to stay in a relationship. Recall that in the hypothetical portion of the study respondents indicated Why stay in a relationship they thought they would leave their relationships if their personal or relationship needs were not met, or if they were not in love.

However, as is common in psychological research, the current research suggests that we do not always predict our behavior very well. In the longitudinal portion of the study, over the course of eight months, non-married dating couples from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds were interviewed in person eight times. When participants considered the reasons they thought they would stay in or leave their relationships, they were most likely to cite factors within the relationship—satisfaction or lack of satisfaction with the relationship, love or lack of love, etc.

As stated above, the reasons to leave a relationship may need to be stronger than the reasons to stay in order to prompt individuals to change their relationship status. Machia, L. The reasons people think about staying and leaving their romantic relationships: A mixed-method analysis. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Madeleine A.

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Why stay in a relationship

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