Why would a guy cheat on his wife

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The same is true when it comes to women looking for s of a cheating man. But of course, the most straightforward answer to the question — why a man cheats — is very simple, by saying:. Have your man cheated on you? Then read here about how to best deal with a cheating man. This is perhaps the biggest reason why men cheat. Although people often think cheating is all about sex, the reality is different.

If he has the idea that:. It also applies to very normal stable men. For evolutionary and biological reasons, men are constantly focusing on finding as many bed partners as possible. That way, our DNA has the highest chance of survival. Unlike women, it was actually beneficial for men to conceive with someone else. This allowed us to have another unknown person take care of our child so that we could reproduce with as little energy as possible. Because every time you compare studies of what people think about cheating, and what people do, you find something amusing:.

Still, the of people cheating is many, many times higher. Yes, even a happy man does cheat. A man has a great need for intimacy. Some sexual desires are so strong that he can barely control them. He may even sleep with a woman he finds less attractive than his partner. In fact, most times men tell me they see their mistress as less attractive than their partner. Is there a lot of fighting at home and things are not going well? That can drive a man crazy. If there are fights at home regularly that are not resolved the right way, a pattern can arise that make him want to escape the relationship.

An affair with a woman who loves him offers him a temporary fantasy world, where Why would a guy cheat on his wife can escape the problems at home. This may be the reason why he your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you. I once heard a man say that his affair was the only reason his marriage had survived a crisis. He literally said:. That impact is so severe that few men will ever recover from it.

It can continue long after your affair has ended. As psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria says:. Alcohol has often been used by individuals to reduce their fears, cope with their anxiety, and deal with their negative emotions leading to a temporary state of happiness. But sometimes the reason men sleep with another woman is simply alcohol. Alcohol makes people more primitiveand their instincts play a more ificant role.

In that case, he might even unconsciously hope to get caught. Men who do this often carry enormous emotional baggage. He will first have to solve his own issues before he can have a healthy relationship with a woman. Oddly enough, this is one of the least common causes, while almost all women think this is the prime reason.

It may happen that he really likes someone else better than you. A study by Texas Tech University shows that cheating is really a family thing. Men who come from a family where his parents cheated one or bothwill be much more inclined to do the same later in life. They have the absurd expectation that all of their needs must be fulfilled in a relationship. Not only does he expect his partner to support him emotionally in everything and to always be there for him, but he also expects the same on a physical level. Now, of course, this is impossible, as no partner can always fulfill all your needs.

Do you constantly suspect him of cheating on you? Men who are in a Why would a guy cheat on his wife in which their girlfriend trusts them would rather not betray that trust. But my girlfriend constantly accused me of having an affair. Nothing I said helped. I got the feeling that I might as well cheat, and strangely enough, then I started looking at colleague X through different eyes. Are you considering forgiveness? Read this article. Take your time to think for yourself.

Make a decision based on your feelings. Then, if you feel like you want to move on, just do it. Discover the 5 texting mistakes that scare men away almost every woman makes This is a very well-written article. I will say, however, that reason 11 is wrong. But he specifically cheated with the woman his wife suspected, and I doubt it was her fault.

Almost done! Fill in this form and you'll get instant access:. In this article, you will not only learn the reasons why men cheat but also: The components in a relationship that make him start an affair or commit adultery. Then this is the only cause you want to hear why he was cheating on you. But if you want to know the real reasons why your husband cheated on you, continue reading. The real reasons why men cheat women And why do men cheat on their wives or partners anyway?

If so, then there are a lot of bad people in the world. If so, why do they stay with their partner and not just break up with them? Still, people often cheat on each other. This is mainly because many of the reasons why your man is being unfaithful. It is simply not as logical as you would hope. Article Contents. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. I want to know!

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Why would a guy cheat on his wife

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This Is The Real Reason Why Men Cheat