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Did you know that Darkwanderer is part of a small system of websites? We want you to enjoy everything we have to offer, so make sure to visit our other kickass websites at slutwives. Commenting on stories - how to Our other websites need love too. I wanted to do something a little different and something that we would remember the rest of how lives. I just didn't realize then just how much it would change of lives. My wife, Jennifer, is a teacher at the local elementary school.

They are two and four. It is the end of summer just before school starts. I had always wanted to go to Jamaica for Wicked weasel stories vacation but couldn't afford that for our own honeymoon so I thought what better place for our second honeymoon. Our wedding date was August the twenty-eighth so that worked perfectly. Jennifer's parents wanted to take our boys to Florida to see Disney World so that worked out even better for us to be alone together, just the two of us, for a romantic week in Jamaica.

I had recently bought a new digital camera to take plenty of photos of the boys as they were growing up and decided to take it with me on Wicked weasel stories trip to Hedonism III. I fancy myself as an amateur glamour photographer and what better place to take photos of women in sexy bikinis than in Jamaica. I told my wife that I planned on taking pictures of all the pretty women on the beach. Jennifer surprised my by saying that I had just better take a bunch of her as well.

Although Jennifer is a natural blonde beauty, she has always been a little on the camera-shy side. She has actually gotten better looking during the first five years of our marriage because she was on the skinny side before we got married. Although her breasts will never be huge, she has filled out nicely in all the right places. She had taken the boys down to the pool almost every day during the summer and swam laps in the pool during the ten minutes of adult swim every hour. Her figure was perfect and her smooth skin was a lovely golden tone to match her sun-bleached, shoulder-length blonde hair.

We got to Jamaica on a sunny Sunday afternoon and checked into our beach-side suite. Everything was lovely and the staff at Hedonism III was very proficient as well as courteous to us. I changed into my swimsuit as Jennifer changed into one of her conservative bikinis. She looked simply fabulous with her hair tied up in a pony tail and her painted red fingers and toes. She slipped in a pair of cutes little sandals and wrapped a flowery cover-up around her shapely hips.

Off to the beaches we go! Hedonism III is an all-adult resort and the beaches around the hotel were all clothing optional. I brought my camera along and had been advised that I must ask permission first before I took anyone's photo. Most of the men wore those little European-deed skimpy bathing outfits letting their bellies flop out. Although I wasn't Joe Sixpack in the abs category, my own stomach was fairy flat.

A of the women were sunbathing topless and some were even completely nude. Sunscreen was definitely the word of the day as their bodies glistened in the bright sunlight. While there were quite a few older women out on the beach, there were still plenty of good-looking young women to make your eyes and crotch bulge out. Even Jennifer in her conservative bikini and cover-up turned a few men's he. We wanted to rest up during the hottest part of the day so we went back to the hotel.

I opened a bottle of complimentary champagne that the hotel had given us. Actually all alcohol was included in the all-inclusive price of the resort. After a couple of glasses, we wanted to wash off all of the sand and salt water do we showered together in the huge shower stall. One thing led to another and we were soon tumbling into bed together.

While Jennifer never denied me sex, she wasn't into it very much. It was great for me but it never seemed very satisfying for her. After we finished, Jennifer fell asleep. I dressed into a pair of shorts and tee-shirt and went exploring in the hotel's gift shop. Wanting to buy a memorable present for my wife to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, I asked the cute salesperson what might be nice for my wife.

The lovely blonde behind the counter explained that she was from Australia were the seasons are just the opposite of here. Whereas we were just finishing summer, Australia was just finishing their winter. Wicked weasel stories was going to head back home because she loved the nice summer weather.

One of the things that she always enjoyed wearing were some fantastic bikinis from a company called? Wicked Weasel.? They carried a of them in the gift store. These were the sexiest, tiniest little bikinis that I had ever seen. I told the salesclerk that my wife would never wear anything like that in public.

She said with a wink,? You never know, these really make a woman feel like a woman and men are very glad.? For my wife, I bought a pair of baby blue thongs with tiny little sheer-triangles for tops. They were almost see-through. I didn't know that when they got wet, not only the top but the bottoms as well became see-throughs. That night after a wonderful poolside dinner, I gave her the?

Wicked Weasels.? She surprised me by saying that it was sweet of me to buy her a present and that she would wear them for me tomorrow. That night we made love again. Twice in one day must have been a record for us but then again we were in paradise. We don't normally have alcohol at Wicked weasel stories but then again we aren't normally on an all-inclusive vacation.

I had a couple of Bloody Marys while Jennifer sucked down her favorite drink? Pina Coladas. We went back to our room to change into swimsuits for the beach. Jennifer let me take several photos of her getting into her new Wicked Weasel bikini. We both laughed as she finished slipping on the bikini bottoms. Her silky, blonde pussy hair spilled out over the edge of the bikini.

She laughed as she said,? This won't do!? She went back into Wicked weasel stories bathroom and grabbed my shaving cream and razor. Jennifer shaved off most of her pussyhair but left a neat, small triangle just above her clitoris. None of her beaver was showing this time as she pulled the tiny bikini bottom up her trim legs. My lovely wife looked at herself in the mirror and almost blushed. The tiny little triangles of the bikini top barely covered her nipples. Jennifer grabbed the cover-up and wrapped it around her waist.

Let's go and have some fun!? We got down to the beach and she unwrapped her cover-up. I took several photos with my digital camera of my incredibly sexy wife. As we neared the water, a voice said,? Hello, Mr. We turned and saw our waiter from last night laying stomach-down on a lounge chair reading a book while he sunned himself in the nude. Why, hello John,? I hope you don't get too burnt.? Smith, you're the one who has to worry about getting sunburnt. I'm already burnt black,?

Jennifer and I both laughed at the Jamaican's joke. My, my, Mrs. You looked very good last night not but today you look simply marvelous!? Jennifer blushed at the compliment. We went on down to the water's edge and I took a bunch of photos of my wife frolicking in the clear blue water. When wet, the Wicked Weasels became almost transparent. My wife's erect nipples could be clearly seen. Even the outline of her trimmed little pussy hair and pouty pussy lips could be made out through the sheer material. After taking plenty of photos of my sexy wife, she said,?

Let's go back to the room, Dear, for some afternoon delight.? My dick was already hard from seeing my wife half-naked in public. The black waiter was still there as we passed him going back to our room. He had turned over on his back and my wife gasped when she saw his huge semi-erect manhood. John's semi-rigid black cock was more than twice the size of mine even when it was rock hard. I had a quick idea. I said.

If it's alright Wicked weasel stories you, I'd like a few photos of you with my wife, Jennifer.? Sure, Mon,? I always love taking photos wife lovely white ladies.? The bikini material was still see-through so the black man could see all of the lovely blonde wife's charms. Jennifer wasn't sure at first if she wanted photos with a naked black man but her husband continued to encourage her. It must have been the Pina coladas from lunch or the sexiness she felt between her legs from taking all of the sexy photos in her new Wicked Weasel bikini but she was felling rather wicked herself.

Jennifer sat down on the edge of the lounge chair as the Negro waiter sat up for the photos. The first several were mainly head and shoulders of my wife with the black man. Then I took several others that included Jennifer's red-tipped toes in her sexy sandals.

I moved around and also got several more with the big black cock getting harder by the moment. I made some suggestions to John and he didn't hesitate to put his black hands on my wife's smooth white shoulders.

Wicked weasel stories

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