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And how? I think the large mass of people in big cities like Dallas are still leading fairly tame lives. Well, maybe. So we did. Theory 1: We have more sexual partners than ever. People, the experts tell us, are first having sex at an earlier age and are marrying later. Stop the presses: Young, single Dallasites have a good deal of sex-a fact confirmed locally by psychologist Anna Beth Benningfield, Ph. We also found some laymen to fill in the details. Stacie, an year-old waitress fromNorth Dallas, says some of her friends never pass up an opportunity to have sex.

Chad says he has several single female friends who may sleep with a new guy every weekend. The longer they wait, the more time they have to meet and have sex with a succession of partners. In other words, the more educated we are, the more partners we tend to have during our lifetimes. In in Dallas County, 17, marriages were performed, while 11, divorces were filed. One result of this fact is that we simply have time between marriages for relationships with new partners.

And while the of AIDS cases in Dallas continues to grow a Dallas County surveillance report lists almost 7, reported cases sincethe singles scene may be largely unaffected by this news. Another 11 percent had none in Wife wants sex TX Dallas 75210 year. More surprising still, the greatest percentage of singles in the national study 32 percent of women, 23 percent of men reported that they had not had sex at all in the year.

The second largest group of singles 23 percent of women, 25 percent of men have sex only a few times per year. Other recent stories in national magazines reflect this drift toward celibacy in a large segment of the singles population. Twenty-seven percent of the readers who responded to a poll in Mademoiselle magazine claimed to be celibate-most by choice. Kim, a year-old Dallas mortgage banker who is single, falls into the third largest category of singles 24percent of women and 26 percent of men who have sex only a few times per month. Kim says she has sex about twice a month. The longer you go without it, the harder it gets.

I have to he strongly attracted to him first.

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In fact, they report that more than 90 percent of couples, married or dating, are from the same race or ethnic group; 80 percent have the same level of education. Most couples, researchers said, meet through friends or family members at school, work, parties, or church.

Two-thirds of married couples surveyed were introduced by a family member, friend, co-worker, classmate, or neighbor. Again, corroboration on a local level was not a challenge. A classmate introduced Greg, a year-old maxillofacial prosthetist from Carrollton, to his wife, Terry. A co-worker introduced Steve, a year-old merchandising manager from Grapevine, to his wife, Verone. Theory 4: We follow social rules for behavior.

The fantasy of sex with an exotic stranger, they said, is mostly just that: a fantasy. Video stores for the upscale customer let us indulge our desires visually. Nearly two dozen d topless clubs operate in Dallas, including the heavily promoted Cabaret Royale, which has appeared in the s of national magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

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Although nearly as many women as men in the national survey said they enjoy watching a partner disrobe, only one Dallas strip club, LaBare, caters to women. Men like to watch because they imagine themselves with that person.

Dallas clinical psychologist Robert N. So they have fantasy relationships and spend all their money. For many other Dallasites the final erotic frontier lies at home, in the new-age cyberspace found on their computer terminals. Thousands of computer users in the Metroplex are getting their kicks via modem. Mostly male and age 20 to 45, these tech-nofiends are panting down the information highway in search of cybererotica found on adult-oriented bulletin boards and X-rated CD-ROMs.

Brad, a year-old communications salesman from Dallas, became obsessed with downloading X-rated GIFs graphics interchange formats for about six months. During heavy traffic hours, callers jam the bulletin board lines.

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Ninety-four percent of the married people who responded to the national survey said they were faithful in the past year. More than 80 percent of adult Americans age 18 to 30 had no sex or just one sexual partner in the year. Three percent of married women had no sex at all. For some, the lack of extracurricular activity testifies to their commitment.

Carr Salon, naturally hears a lot of clients talk about the details of their personal lives. Carr says that he sees a greater of people in monogamous relationships now than in the past few years, and he believes this reflects a trend in which people are more responsible. Most married people have too many irons in the fire and responsibilities at home raising the. We carry phones and Day-Timers and rush from meeting to meeting. I barely have time to go to the grocery store and have a hard time trying to coordinate my schedule with my husband and friends for lunches.

Who the hell has time to plan an affair? This winter, in researching a story for Glamour magazine, Dallas writer Eric Celeste found many men and women who were willing to talk about their affairs to remember. Celeste interviewed Dallasites from their mids to lates who began affairs for a variety of reasons, from the psychological to the simplistic.

Celeste also spoke with marriage counselors who told him affairs start for any of reasons. For example, one marriage counselor told Celeste she had a very high-profile male client who had had several affairs to ignore the relationship pattern he was falling into, which he feared echoed the eventually disastrous relationship of his parents.

Conclusions, anyone? But then there are other parts of the population where people are not particularly active. We asked Chicago researcher Stuart Michaels point blank: The answer, like his theories, came as no surprise: There is really no way to compare. It might tell you a little bit about how Dallas might different from New York or Chicago or California or a small town in another area of Texas. But at the individual level, things could be very different.

Hernandez, 29, is the daughter of a former minister and grew up in Southern California. Hernandez then describes her current relationship: One Wife wants sex TX Dallas 75210 evening, she sent her boyfriend to the grocery store for champagne and strawberries. Being the inventive type, he returned with those items plus chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

She seems to think the answer lies in secret sex lives. Nevertheless, former Observer romance director Julie- Driver and current classified director Nancy WattBent deny that Observer personals are sexually oriented. Maybe [those who place the j do. Who knows? Check out these propositions from recent Observerand you be the judge. Story lines still range from nonexistent to stupid. The titles alone merit a stroll down the aisles. Forget the gross stuff; the better titles sometimes play oft major motion picture releases and occasion-ally even demonstrate a pun-laden, hopelessly adolescent sense of humor.

Large and well-lit, the stores boast computer-driven inventory systems, private preview rooms, and more than 10, available titles. Staffers report their busiest hours by tar are Sunday mornings, when cus tomers rush in to return their week end selections-just in time for church. Another bawdy message comes across her screen. Are you sub or dom? And what do you like to wear? She is actually wearing a sweater and long red skirt. The lascivious on-line conversation between Jacqueline and Victor heats up for 30 minutes until-cyherclimax.

Suddenly, Victor virtually rolls over and goes to sleep. Time and money are the key. Jacqueline spends at least two hours a night chatting with her on-line playmates. After exchanging photographs on-line and talking on the phone, they met in Chicago. You slowly read each word. You tend to romanticize things. Browse all newsletters here. Related Content. Newsletter Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to Wife wants sex TX Dallas 75210.

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Wife wants sex TX Dallas 75210

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