Women want sex Chromo

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For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. Far from being the weaker sex, a new book, The Better Halfargues women live longer, have stronger immune systems, fewer developmental disabilities and higher cancer survival rates than men. Its male author, Canadian physician and scientist Dr Sharon Moalem, says the extra X in every female cell, far from being redundant, is instrumental in ensuring that women have a distinct genetic advantage. Eighty per cent of centenarians and 95 per cent of super-centenarians or older are women. Men drink more alcohol, jump off more buildings, and die from violence and war.

But years later, I was training in a neonatal intensive-care unit, and there again, boys had more infections, more assisted ventilation, and unfortunately more deaths. That sparked a year journey to answer a fundamental question: why do women have a survival advantage, at every data point in life, over men?

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In a species, the sex that gets the same two sex chromosomes has an immense advantage. Humans have 23 chromosome pairs.

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One of those pairs consists of our two sex chromosomes. The X chromosome has about genes; the Y has maybe The X is one of the biggest chromosomes; the Y is very short and stubby. The X contains extremely ificant genes: genes that make and maintain the brain, and control immune function.

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Most Y genes are involved with making sperm, and ear hair! The X is just a very unique, important chromosome. But only one. All my cells are using an identical X — the one I got from my mother. So if that X has any problems — genetic mutations, spelling mistakes in the genetic code — tough luck for me. But a woman has two Xs: one from her mother, one from her father.

So if one X has a problem, the healthy X can compensate. Take Hunter syndrome, for example. So if a male has Hunter syndrome, his body must use his one faulty X in every cell. But a female can utilise her alternative, healthy X cells to produce enough enzymes to support her faulty X sister cells. Their XX protects them. One toolbox may have a broken hammer, so you use the hammer from the second box. But the broken-hammer box might also have a really awesome screwdriver. So by keeping both toolboxes alive — this Women want sex Chromo is breaking down! That creates two populations of cells, each one using an alternate X.

Whereas in her skin, it might be reversed. And every organ and every system in a female body has that massive advantage over mine. From relatively benign things like tongue-tie, to much more severe things like club foot, webbed toes and organ malformations. It gets turned off in that cell. But the really big surprise is that almost a quarter of its information is still turned on! So men fight better, but die of infections more easily! Something like lupus, which attacks the kidneys, is about nine to one, women to men.

Women ificantly out men in virtually every autoimmune disease. I Women want sex Chromo the real reason is that all male immune cells are identical, whereas females have a choice of two. Well, the ultimate point of all this is that the sex with the same sex chromosomes has a ificant survival advantage.

Now, from an evolutionary perspective, which sex needs to survive? So, in mammals, the female provides the milk; she must survive; she gets the two XXs. But in birds, the male bird often does a lot of the calorie provision for young; and so you find male birds get the equivalent of the double X.

Yes, but only until machines come along that replace physical strength. But not necessarily. X marks the spot: why the 'weaker sex' wins at every stage of life. Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. How does a woman end up with two toolboxes? So, what happens to the X not chosen in each female cell? Autoimmune disease, for instance.

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But the better fighter gets to organise society. Historically, men. It seems a slow shift! this article. Amanda Hooton .

Women want sex Chromo

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