Wwe wrestlers dating in real life

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The matches are scripted, and the relationships the stars have with each other are created for entertainment purposes. Sometimes true feelings blossom, and these wrestling couples found love together in real life. Perhaps one of the most powerful couples in the wrestling business today is Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. The pair are standout performers on the roster and are deservedly two of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

The pair began dating in and announced their engagement to the world recently. A few years ago, it seemed as though the WWE had a hot new couple on the scene. Alexa Bliss had made her way to become a superstar on the main roster, while Australian wrestler Buddy Murphy was making a name for himself. This couple never hid their romance and shared a lot of their life, including the fact they were engaged. However, despite raising their pet pig together, Bliss and Murphy called off their engagement in The intimidating wrestling star found love with former WWE star Sable, even though they belonged to different eras.

Lesnar and Sable might not have had a romantic storyline together, but in real life, they were head over heels for each other. The couple married inlive a rural lifestyle in Canada, and have welcomed two sons into the world. The couple tied the knot inand on several occasions, their real-life marriage has been used in storylines. In one wrestling story, a wrestler tried to get Uso to cheat on his wife, only for Naomi to step in and beat the woman up.

Naomi has said that due to their hectic schedules, the couple has found it challenging to be as romantic as they used to be. As for Gargano, well, he had an amazing run on NXT, and Candice even made her way to celebrate with Gargano in the ring on occasions.

Canadian wrestling sensations Natalya and Tyson Kidd met each other way back in the s and began dating in They are both products of the Hart Foundation wrestling company, and they showcased everything they learned in the WWE ring for many years to come. Kidd and Natalya have remained a couple over the years and got married in Kidd suffered a career-ending injury inbut both still work for the WWE in some capacity. This pair might just be the most powerful wrestling couple in the history of the business. We imagine in the future these guys will be running the company.

Hardy also had another relationship in the Wwe wrestlers dating in real life, and that was with fellow superstar Lita. At the time, Lita was embroiled in a marriage story with Kane, but backstage she and Matt were getting closer and closer. Edge began dating Beth Phoenix, and it seemed like this was true love for the couple. They quickly settled down together and married in Not only have they been married for several years, but Edge and Beth also have two daughters. The couple appears to be happily married, despite Ford taking a year away from the WWE in The charismatic wrestler teamed up with Brie Bella that has stood the test of time after they married in It took the superstar many years to finally capture a WWE belt, but it was all worth it when he finally did.

The couple got married in and balance their busy wrestling schedule with finding time for each other. These two wrestlers will be remembered fondly by anyone who followed wrestling back in the late s. The couple began dating in the early s and even got engaged inbut ultimately decided to break things off. The couple even took to the ring on numerous occasions to beat down anyone who dared challenge them. Their relationship is thought to have broken down around the same time Triple H began dating Stephanie around the turn of the millennium.

The pair played the onscreen monarchs of the wrestling business, but in reality, they had been a couple since In a not-so-romantic proposal, Booker asked Sharmell to marry him while she was washing the dishes. They married inand their relationship was far more than just a way for them to progress as characters.

From there, she went from strength to strength, although Logan is still waiting for her first WWE title. She met and began a relationship with Erik Rowan several years ago, and in the couple was married. As it turned out, The Miz was an exceptional wrestler with charisma in bucketlo. Maryse took some time away from the ring, but when she was ready to return in the late s, she featured alongside The Miz as a new power couple.

The couple might not seem that close when they are onscreen, and for that reason, they surprised a lot of people by announcing their marriage. The couple married in after the first meeting at the WWE Performance Center, where athletes train to entertain fans in the ring. Two of the most athletic athletes on the WWE roster might have found love while working out in the gym.

Ricochet has been a sensation since he ed the WWE roster in The talented wrestler already had an outstanding career on the independent wrestling circuit before hitting the big time with the WWE. Her father, Ric Flair, can be nothing but proud of Charlotte for everything she has achieved in the WWE, including multiple wrestling titles. During her wrestling career Charlotte has worked with many talented stars, and now she finds herself in a relationship with one.

Andrade is a relatively new wrestler on the WWE roster, but instead of Wwe wrestlers dating in real life championship, he won the heart of Charlotte, and they have been dating since A common problem for WWE superstars who enter into a relationship is schedule conflicts. They might begin their relationship while working on the same show, but with a choice of three shows to work on, they can get split up.

The Undertaker has been in the WWE since the s, and at certain times he was the most popular wrestler on the roster. While the Undertaker has never embarked on a romantic storyline, backstage he and McCool grew close and married in Thanks to his new in-ring personality, it might be hard to work a relationship into the storyline for Bray Wyatt.

While he might not have a scripted relationship, behind the scenes, Wyatt is known to be dating his fellow wrestler JoJo. Wyatt was accused by his ex-wife of seeing JoJo while they were still together, but despite that, things seem to be going well between them.

When it comes to wrestling couples, there might not be a more famous pairing than the Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. The pair were hugely successful during the s, but people always wanted to know if their relationship was real or not. They might have begun working as friends, but along the way, the couple found love, even getting married at a WWE Summerslam event in The couple is thought to have been dating for a while, although they have recently been very tight-lipped about their relationship status.

In Maria made a return to the WWE, this time with her husband in tow. Their wrestling relationship appears very one-sided with Maria calling all of the shots, including making Mike take her last name. The couple was wrestling for the WWE in when they first met, and it was love at first sight.

Today they are a hugely influential wrestling couple as they pretty much run AEW together. Brandi is the chief branding officer, while Cody is the executive vice president who also likes showing off his skills in the ring. While they were both competing, they were in a relationship together, but they found it almost impossible to maintain it in the end.

Ultimately, Del Rio blamed the distance for ending their public relationship. During her wrestling career, AJ Lee was one of the most popular stars on the roster, and she found love with another superstar. CM Punk and AJ Lee became a couple in the early s when they were both at the peak of their powers. Rusev has always been a popular wrestler on the WWE roster, and he has often been accompanied by his manager Lana during his career. They have often been seen together, but it was never clear what their actual relationship was. Rusev hails from Bulgaria, but Lana is actually from Florida, even though her character is from Russia.

After a couple of relationships, they both found their way back to each other for another try inbut once again, it was clearly not meant to be. Despite their failed attempts at making their relationship work, it all seems to have worked out for the best.

Vince is, quite simply, the most powerful man in the WWE. He calls the shots, and often nothing will be given the green light without his say so. While Vince is the face, Linda has been running the show from behind the scenes. When Goldust got his big break in the WWE in things changed, and they both appeared together in the ring. Goldust had his wife accompany him to the ring as Marlena, and eventually, it was revealed that they were married. However, in the pair divorced and went their separate ways. Moxley was wrestling under the name Dean Ambrose in WWE, while Young was commentating and hosting backstage interviews.

They found love behind the scenes and married in Eventually, Ambrose left the WWE for greater creative control of his character. He debuted in AEW as John Moxley inand despite being on different schedules, the pair seems as happily married as they ever were.

The couple made no secret of their relationship, and have been more than happy to share their pictures on social media. Dillinger made an impression in the WWE universe during his time there but called it quits with the major wrestling company in He now works for the rival wrestling organization AEW All Elite Wrestlingand while they may have conflicting schedules, they are making it work.

One of the biggest male WWE superstars teamed up with one of the biggest female wrestlers to create their very own super tag team. John Cena has won it all in the WWE and eventually outgrew the professional wrestling business to become an actor.

When Cass and Amore were called up to the main roster, Carmella remained in NXT for several months and Wwe wrestlers dating in real life to establish herself on her own. Eventually, Carmella was called up to the main roster too, and she shone even brighter. This is one of the most famous romantic storylines for one big reason. That ended the friendship between Edge and Hardy, but this was just the beginning for Edge and Wwe wrestlers dating in real life. They continued in their relationship even though the wrestling world knew all about how things were going backstage.

WWE then shamelessly used all of that real tension from the relationship to build a storyline between Edge and Matt Hardy. At times he was seen with the glamorous Debra by his side, and backstage the couple were in a long term relationship.

They eventually married inbut it ended in divorce in following domestic abuse allegations from Austin to his wife. Do you miss sparkles? We do too. Most of us wore sparkles galore as youngsters, but those sparkles Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, but it is also a massive commitment, and for one reason or Winter is an incredible season, right?

Wwe wrestlers dating in real life

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