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Night after night, mums and d cuddle up with their children to read a bedtime story. Together we share sweet stories about adventurous animals and swashbuckling pirates. Well, put those ideas to one side. She sails off through night and day until she comes to the place where the wild mums are! Sometimes a dark, cosy chrysalis seems like a very attractive option.

This reimagining of The Cat in the Hat takes on all of the best and worst things about parenthood. He took a selfie of himself pouring a whole tube of them into his mouth, before sending it to his best mate, along with the letters LOL! Are You My Wine? She used to enjoy lazy weekends and leisurely lie-ins. But then she had .

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Now her life is a constant juggle of demands and pressure to be the perfect mum. How does Little Miss Busy do it? The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady by Emilie Sandoz-Voyer : Pairing playful text with bright, colorful images, The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady is both a send-up and a celebration of this strange, ridiculous, and exciting time in the lives of all mothers-to-be.

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Are You My Uber? The scene is set as a young woman steps off the midnight bus at Port Authority. Her name? Her goal? To find her Uber, an elusive Ford Taurus. The Very Hungry Zombie by Michael Teitelbaum : The zombie goes through all his favourite food: brains, clowns, rock stars — yum! Bi-Curious George by Andrew Simonian : While George has always been a straight little monkey, he is just a tiny bit curious.

Which way will he swing? A book for all those 21st century kids who would rather say goodnight to their gadgets than to the moon. If you give a kid a cookie will he shit the f k up? There is not a branch of virtue or a twig of kindness to be found in this tree. No prizes for guessing where your finger goes in this puppet book. This book is a good or perhaps not-so-good chance to reminisce about some of those shockers in your past.

Or give it to a twenty-something as a kindly warning! He even loves to sext the object of his desire — that is, himself! Turnip-Led Weaning by Harriet Beveridge : Harriet Beveridge may not be parent or professional child-carer herself, but she is not afraid to spout an opinion! Hairy Pothead the Stoned Sorcerer by L. So pass me some corn chips and enjoy the read. Note: not for the prudish! For parents who like a little realism this book about the bedtime routine is gold. Book List: 29 naughty kids parody books for adults Amanda Long January 6, All Book Club.

Your name is hairy adult hooks

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Book List: 29 naughty kids parody books for adults